Prepare to enjoy the authentic safari, mountain, or beach experience when collaborating with Signature Safari and Tours.

Signature Safari and Tours is comprised of a team who strive always for excellence, celebrated by their clients since the companies inception, we are a group of mountain and safari guides with over twelve years experience in creating and leading adventures summiting our Rift Valley Mountains, including the renowned  Kilimanjaro, and going safari onto the endless plain as well as in the wealth of other parks in our beautiful land.

Founded in 2006 as a small adventure specialist by a group of friends passionate about the flora, fauna, ecology and geography of our native land, we set out to create an adventure specialist company designing and realising inspirational bespoke adventure experiences for those who choose to travel with us.  Signature Safari is one hundred percent Tanzanian owned and operated.

Service is our focus and with every client we collaborate with we intend and deliver maximum care and attention to detail, to comfort, and to precision of experience delivery.  Authenticity of experience and of connection with our clients is central to our mission.  We are here for you 100% from the first contact to the wave goodbye at the airport.

Our packages are designed to get our clients with minimum difficulty to the famed spots here to be found, as well as to allow them to have authentic cultural encounters, meeting with local peoples from Bush Tribes people to Maasai in their villages to artisans and other Tanzanians.  Friendliness is a core attribute of the Tanzanian spirit and soul and we want this to shine through to our clients.  ‘Pamoja’ is the most important word in this beautiful country: ‘We Are One’.  We will take care of conception in co-ordination with you, planning, and realisation of your adventure, you sit back and enjoy the experiences, sights, and sounds here in East Africa.

We have a wealth of pre designed itineraries, tried and tested and put together through experience, which provide ideal approaches to getting to see as much as is possible in the time allowed for.  These we also tailor to suit your particular needs and, in conversation with our clients, we arrive at the plan that suits best your needs and desires.  Large or small groups, short or long trips, budget or luxury or somewhere in between, we are experienced in all possible combinations of needs and aim to serve your particular needs to the best of our ability.  The crown jewels of the Rift Valley to little visited places and tribes, we cover the range of possible experiences so explore the possibilities, get in touch, and let’s design your dream adventure together!


Adventure experience design is more vocation than profession for us. We are in the business of making dreams come true. If you could see the staff kitchen at our headquarters, it would tell you something about our commitment to travellers. One wall entire is covered with letters expressing our clients gratitude, reminding all of us, as we work, the beauty that our work brings into the lives of our collaborating clients.  Driving us to live up to and surpass our achievements of yesterday and reminding us of just how profoundly we affect the lives of our clients.

We treasure those letters, for they helped us develop the Signature Safari Promise: We promise to remember we are here for you, because of you, and will always make going above your expectations our top priority. We will take care of you from start to finish with kindness and competency. You will encounter people and cultures in a comfortable environment within a structure that adds a positive dimension to your experience.

 Here are some of other way we are committed to you

A willingness to see what is possible is part of the Signature Safari culture.  It doesn’t matter if you’re someone wishing to join a tour at the very last minute, pay a visit to the gravesite of your great grandfather who settled in Africa after his retirement, or something else, we commit to providing the best possible experience.

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Signature Managing Director

My name is Innocent Villone Kawiche, a co founder of Signature Safari Tanzania, a Chagga boy born and rise at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.  I have a deep understanding of the history, people and culture of Africa. For many years I have been leading people on adventures to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and on Safari into the Wilds of East Africa.  Between myself and my relatives we share a wealth of experience in the adventure industry and, due to the fact that we love each other, we decided to join our effort together, and make something beautiful as our care and our legacy, thus, Signature Safari was born as a family company.

The Kawiche Family established Signature Safari and began leading adventurous travellers through Tanzania’s Northern Circuit and Southern Circuit. Innocent was joined by two relatives Alice Kawiche and Edwin Kawiche who are the three pioneers of Signature Safari. The company was born in Tanzania since 2006.  Signature Safari also has a board of advisors so everything we do is  backed by a process of examination and advice from our board. We also operation on advice from a worldwide group of affiliates, friends and colleagues of our board members, all of whom feed into our processes to guarantee quality of decision making and company direction.

A company got opportunity to lead several group of people from different corner worldwide. We guided famous people in the world like family groups, private groups, football players, movie stars as who were able to make it the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and other safari, among the good people was Mr. Peter Lagarias The co founder of Rotaplast an international organization working world wide deal with plastic surgeons namely cleft lips and cleft palate, all this program conducted freely.

Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind Simone, Our creative and technical team.

Julius Temba

Head Safari Guide

Edwin Kawiche

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Faith Kawiche

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Why to Choose Us?

We know our beautiful country Tanzania intimately and take pride and pleasure in sharing her incredible wealth of natural beauty with you. We have experience and a track record of excellent service and will ensure your comfort on your adventure. With Signature Safari you Travel with Smile.

1. Analysis
we analyse with precision that which you want to experience.

2. Process
we process promptly your stated needs offering potential adventure solutions

3. Execute
we execute the adventure design with an eye to excellence of service.
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